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Shili Jay gives us another great update of his customs...
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, August 7 2020

"Manny" as in Manny Bothan died to bring us this information! I believe this was my third full on custom, not counting heads purchased from someone else or model kits taped and rattle can painted. L.E. has been begging me for years to come to the custom side. I had too much self doubt, I'm not an artist and I just sat here on the fence lurking in awe at all the talent here and everywhere else, somehow he got through and I jumped off the fence and finally joined in, a couple years ago.

JV-P12 hvac droid. 3d printed by Corey Fryia at Sandcrawler Customs. I removed the printed antenna and replaced with a brass rod, I also used a ball from a sewing needle and glued it on top. The front bar was not included, that is also brass rod that was bent and glued in place. Citadel and Vallejo paints were used. Streaking grime and rust streaks by AK interactive."

Folks trust me, this is just a drop of the customs he shares with his latest updates. All are just great including the painted up version of the Gotal he shared the other day!

RCW Creations shares a diorama update...
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, August 7 2020

"I've started etching in the panels on the exterior"

He has also done some nice work on the interior too. Just click through to check it all out!

Darth More shares great 1 to 1 Videos...
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, August 7 2020

"If you got a Star Wars toy, a crazy idea and some spare pennies, you can be inspired by this British YouTuber, colinfurze, who built his second 1:1 scale Star Wars vehicle:"

Now this is great. He has Kylo's ship too!

Darth More shares news on Tunghori!
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, August 7 2020

"It happened! tunghori listed the latest Wave of The Vintage Collection including the Power Droid, Commander Wolffe and K-2SO:



Darth More shares deal on Poe's X-Wing...
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, August 7 2020

"Walmart put TVC Poe's X-Wing 40% off - you can still order it for $59.99 including free delivery as of this post:


It is still up for grabs folks!

Big Bad Toy Store

Big Bad Toy Store shares their latest newletter!
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, August 6 2020
Their latest newsletter is full of fantastic items for the collector and customizer.

Big Bad Toy Store has you covered for all your SDCC Items. That SH Figurats Marvel stuff is looking good this week too.

Big Bad Toy Store

Shili Jay shows us some great customs!
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, August 5 2020

"Rebels Phoenix Leader Hera Syndulla. Simple limb swap/ repaint custom using The Black Series Hera Syndulla and Jania Solo.

Ever since watching the first episode of Rebels, I've wanted to do my take on a Gotal merchant. Using Constable Zuvio as a base and a Obi Wan bust and cutting the combo sash/obi/belt free from the tunic, of the Obi wan, I had all my Black Series fodder parts needed."

Now these two customs are very nice! I can see very close attention to detail here!

Darth More shares news on Tunghori!
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, August 5 2020

"tunghori moves forward and lists the regular release of Luke Skywalker im Stormtrooper Disguise - VC169 - for $14.99"

I also see has relisted the TVC Klatoonian Raider and the HK-50 Assassin Droid again too!

Dan finds new toys...
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, August 5 2020
Looks like he is out and about and has found some new beasties this morning. Can you get the gold one?

UPDATE! He has also found the new Godzilla vs. King Kong Line!

RC-1136 updates us on his latest project...
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, August 5 2020

"Winglets added!

Now to figure out the front sensor suite

And .50 caliber machine gun mounts for the side windows and rear ramp!"

It is really looking nice!

RCW continues his Log Cabin and Imperial Outpost Dios...
-- Posted by Tamer on Tuesday, August 4 2020

"Just realised I had not posted for a while, I have cut out four windows with frames and installed them into the walls. I have stained the frames to weather them, painted the edges of the base black and lightly sprayed brown over the ground.

I've started to add the detail to the front of the compound, while building up the sides so they aren't flat walls."

That is some nice work to both dioramas!

Mos Eisley Customz shares a new Falcon...
-- Posted by Tamer on Tuesday, August 4 2020

"Next Force Awakens Falcon is ready, added a bit of rust in the mechanical parts this time ..also thinking about doing an all black version for the death of Chewy ...low starting bid ebay auction"

This one turned out great!

Dan finds new toys...
-- Posted by Tamer on Tuesday, August 4 2020

Looks like Wal-Mart is a go to place this week! You can get some nice things for cheap with these Kids Connections sets.

Stan shares a new modern vintage custom...
-- Posted by Tamer on Monday, August 3 2020

"Ree-Yees joins Modern Vintage Customs in 2020! But wait did we not get a Ree-Yees in the black Series , yes we did! It’s so annoying that Hasbro still can get this headsculpts like they were in the movies. Their headsculpt was way too small. It a mask that fit over the head , Hasbro. Since we gotten serval pea headed figures: Ponda Baba , Imperial Gunner, etc. This beautiful headsculpt was perfect by Everygrey."

I agree, it looks great!

Darth More shows us more Army!
-- Posted by Tamer on Monday, August 3 2020

"The IFT-X is my favorite ground vehicle of the GAR. However I still think the ISP Swamp Speeder still looks best and is most to scale. The Republic Fighter Tank is slightly underscaled, but if you lift it to make it “hover” it won’t look as bad anymore!

I got them all wrapped up in foil and please excuse me for not taking them all out."

Make sure you click through and see his Swamp Speeders too!

Darth More checks in on Tunghori...
-- Posted by Tamer on Sunday, August 2 2020

"tunghori lists TBS 3.75” Sandtrooper fully equipped for $10.99!

Still waiting for him to add the latest TVC wave to his store. I might have to ask first like last time with the Mando wave..."

It is always nice to see what good ole Tunghori is up too!

Mos Eisley Customz adds to his Collection Room...
-- Posted by Tamer on Sunday, August 2 2020

"He has added some nice stuff to his Collection Room.

Darth More shows us his Grand Army of the Republic...
-- Posted by Tamer on Sunday, August 2 2020
"Wanna see my turtle collection?

I‘m enjoying my Sunday doing a Star Wars day. With some requests in recent comments, I thought you’d like to see my collection of GAR vehicles...

Here’s my deployment of AT-TEs:"

Uh wow!

Ron Hembling shares a new Ghostbusters Project...
-- Posted by Tamer on Sunday, August 2 2020

"Hi All,

Ghostbusters Peter Venkman 1:12 scale.


Venkman - is from Hasbro's Plasma Series and once I got him in a pose I liked I then super glued the joints and puttied them up, I then used tissue paper and applied it to the uniform using watered down PVA glue. I repainted the utility belt, ghost trap, proton pack and neutrino wand using Vallejo Paints and I also added wires which I got from an old electrical cable and danger signs I resized and printed off the net.

I made the foot trap using plastic card, clear rod and wires and the cord from the foot trap to the ghost trap is an old ear phone cord. The smoke coming from the ghost trap is just some cotton wool which I tore apart and glued on and once the tissue was dry I then painted and slightly weathered the whole figure using Vallejo Paints.

Base - is high density foam and I used a sharp pencil to make the footpath, stone work and bricks and then I used a piece of sandstone and lightly tapped it over the brick, path and stone to give it a more natural look. The cement between the bricks was done by brushing spakfilla over them and then lightly wiping away the excess with a baby wipe. The door was done using balsa wood and the handle is plastic card and rod, the slime was done by mixing green paint with PVA glue and I little Woodland Scenics Realistic Water."

Ron just works magic!

Black Thorne paints up the Hover Tank...
-- Posted by Tamer on Sunday, August 2 2020

"I finished another repaint, this time for the Rogue one tank. The way the factory paint was applied always bother me, despide the excellent weathered concept."

It is amazing how a great paint job will really bring out the bang in a vehicle. BlackThorne does this to great effect here.

Customs for the Kid celebrates 10 years on the web!
-- Posted by Tamer on Saturday, August 1 2020


When we started this blog, we never knew we would be still here 10 years later still making action figures and promoting the members of the Star Wars custom action figure community. We weren't quite sure how best to pay reverence to the event so we took a multi-pronged approach. First, we made a custom 3.75"scaled Loth-Wolf from the Star Wars Rebels animated series. We will get into the significance of why a Loth-Wolf a little later but there is a small story there. Next we updated the banner for our blog to include some of our more recent creations while making sure to include some of our older customs as well. As a bonus, we got together with some of our friends in the Star Wars community for a livestream to celebrate "Custom for the Kid" milestones over this past decade that can be viewed in the video above."

Congratulations to Darth Daddy and Elias. They also updated their customs thread with some awesome additions!

JDeck creates a great custom gas pump...
-- Posted by Tamer on Saturday, August 1 2020

"I finished the paint on the pump. Same exact thing I did to the tank. I like how it turned out. It's better than what I had originally thought of when I was dreaming up this project. It reminds me of an old school gas station pump, but with a sci-fi star wars touch."

This is awesome. We so need things like this to buy!

Mos Eisley Customz starts in on a BMF Falcon custom...
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, July 31 2020

"Thanks Starchaser, glad you like them and that Falcon looks like Solo has crashed it a few times ;D ha

Currently working on a Legacy Falcon for a customer, this is more to my taste rather than filthy

I worked through the night and got some more done"

Now this is rockin!

RC-1136 shares a work in progress...
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, July 31 2020

"1/18 Scale Sea Stallion Helicopter (work in progress)


It is so awesome to see in scale vehicles. Can't wait to see how this one turns out!

Lance Quazar is back with a new custom...
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, July 31 2020

"Real quick custom. "Twi'lek Alliance Commando."

This came about while sorting through extra figures and the tails of an Ayy Vida figure just popped right off in my hand with no effort.

So I had to think what would be a cool head that could make a good twi'lek. So many purple twi'leks in fan art, but none in figure form, so I dremmeled off the hair and ears of a Resistance figure.

And then I sorted through the fodder to see what neck she'd fit. I have very little left in terms of usable fodder after a productive month, but I always wanted to do something with the Deena Shan "commando" body and it was a perfect fit."

She looks awesome.

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